Welcome to Bushcraft.Team, a vibrant club dedicated to the practice and teaching of bushcraft skills, offering a variety of energizing outdoor experiences for individuals and groups interested in connecting with nature. Led by our energetic and enthusiastic founder, Michal, who adds a lot of positive and vibrant energy to each session, our club provides programs tailored to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced bushcrafters. Michal's passion and dynamism infuse our activities with excitement, focusing on survival techniques, natural navigation, and sustainable living practices. We also offer special sessions for younger members and father-child pairs, emphasizing confidence-building and environmental awareness, all delivered with Michal's infectious energy. Additionally, Bushcraft.Team organizes corporate events designed to enhance team building and leadership skills in an outdoor setting. These activities, led by Michal and our experienced instructors, promote teamwork and provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional office environment, energized by his vibrant approach. Safety and environmental respect are paramount in all our activities, with our team ensuring that each session is not only safe but also filled with enthusiasm and adheres to conservation standards. Our club also engages in various conservation efforts, encouraging members to participate in environmental initiatives, often led by Michal's inspiring energy. Bushcraft.Team is an inclusive community that values adventure, education, and nature, all energized by the dynamic presence of our founder. We welcome all who wish to explore the outdoors and enhance their bushcraft skills, promising an experience filled with positive and vibrant energy.
Please note, our sessions are designed not as soft play but to challenge and develop self-confidence in children, demanding a degree of energy and discipline. They are intended to build resilience and independence, helping to prepare young individuals for varied life experiences.



To keep us and our clients safe we always follow some simple rules:

Prioritize Safety and Preparedness: 

At Bushcraft.Team, the safety of our clients and team is paramount. We ensure that every adventure is led by experienced instructors, and we equip all participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to safely navigate and enjoy the wilderness. This includes comprehensive briefings on safety protocols, proper use of equipment, and emergency procedures before embarking on any outdoor activity.

Foster Respect for Nature and Environment: 

Our club is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. We teach and practice 'Leave No Trace' principles, ensuring that the natural habitats we explore are left undisturbed. This rule extends to respecting wildlife, preserving natural resources, and minimizing our ecological footprint during all bushcraft and outdoor activities.

Encourage Inclusive and Engaging Learning: Bushcraft.Team is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every participant, regardless of age or skill level, feels valued and empowered. Our sessions are designed to be engaging and educational, promoting patience, teamwork, and a deep connection with nature. We focus on making our activities family-friendly, particularly in our sessions for dads and kids, to foster strong relationships and shared learning experiences.